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Caddy Trek Golf Cart, CT2000-BA - Worlds 1st Electric Remote "Follow You" Golf Cart

FTR CaddyTrek CT2000-BA Product Description

CaddyTrek is a smart and compact robotic golf caddy that carries your bag around the golf course, with a Lithium Ion battery can last 27 holes and beyond. The CaddyTrek follows in wide-open spaces, but offers versatility, allowing the golfter to control the unit in RC mode to send the it on to the next tee or call it back from afar. As the most compact and lightweight caddy in the world, it easily folds and unfolds. When folded, the CaddyTrek only occupies a size of 23 x 18 x 12 making it ideal for storage and travel. The Caddytrek comes with no assembly required.

CaddyTrek Package Includes: 1. 1x CaddyTrek Unit 2. 1x CaddyTrek Battery 3. 1x Battery Charger 4. 1x CaddyTrek Handset 5. 1x Remote Handset Battery 6. 1x Handset Battery Charger

A robotic caddy that follows you CaddyTrek uses robotic sensors to follow the user. Best application of this functionality is provide in wide-open spaces--like the green. To get the most out of this amazing feature, consult the owner's manual for optimal operating environments.

Remotely control your caddy With the forward, backward, left and right directional functions on the transceiver, you can easily control your caddy remotely, like calling your caddy back from afar, or sending it off to the next tee!

Is the most compact and lightweight powered caddy in the world CaddyTrek is the most compact powered caddy in the world when folded. The folded CaddyTrek is similar to a carry-on luggage! The lightweight CaddyTrek makes getting it in and out of a vehicle trunk a breeze! The size of the Caddy when folded gives the user great storage options.

Top quality, reliability and performance CaddyTrek is made of high quality material, designed to operate under a wide range of conditions, and has been extensively tested.

Comes with one-year warranty and the best customer care… CaddyTrek is backed by a one-year limited warranty on major components with our world class customer service and support. See our warranty policy for more information.


• Compact and ultra-light 3-way folding aluminum frame (33 lb weight without battery) • Powerful and quiet 250 watt dual motors • Easy toggle in and out of the FOLLOW mode • Smooth turning and tracing enabled by advanced robotic technology • Easy to use multi-function remote control/transceiver • Low-to-high speed control for forward, left, and right turns in REMOTE CONTROL mode • Sports-like, wide-track drive wheels with matching caster wheels • Lightweight 10Ah lithium ion battery that lasts for 27+ holes on a full charge • Real time battery indicator • LED Mode indicators for SB (Standby), FL (Follow), RC (Remote Control), displayed on the transceiver • Soft braking and smooth stopping • Adjustable grip handle fits golfers of all heights • Expandable bag straps fits golf bags of all sizes

Benefits • Easy for storage and transporting • Easy to get it in and out of a vehicle trunk • Completely hands-free, you can just walk the course and enjoy the scenery! • Saves unnecessary walking. You can send your caddy to the next tee or call it back from afar with Remote Control mode • Saves your back and energy, you will be less fatigued and will be able to keep your focus on the game • Helps you stay fit and improves your health. Walking is the best exercise for your back, your knees, and your weight!

Technical Specs. • Folded dimensions: 23 x 18 x 12 • Weight without battery: 33 lb • Maximum load: 44 lb

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

2014 Caddy Trek Golf CartCT2000-BA , Worlds 1st Electric Remote "Follow You" Golf Cart
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